2017, The year of the bloom.

Hello again,

Missed me ?? it has been a year since my last post (what a cliche !!!)

I hear that once you announce your plans, goals, and dreams, people will start praising them if they’re really good, that gives a false sense of accomplishments, hence nothing much gets really done.

So, This year I’ll adopt a new strategy.

I’ll only publicly post guidelines about my goals and resolutions for the new year, but the details, I’m gonna keep for myself, in a private offline document, re-evaluating my every step against it as I go along.

In 2016, I managed to disappoint and let down some people, and for that I’m filled with shame. And I need to make this up for them.
In 2016, بفضل الله I had a leap forward in almost every aspect in my life, but also suffered losses beyond comprehension.

2017, I’m well aware that you come with lots of risks and worries ahead, but it also means that you also have great potentials and amazing opportunities.

You’ll be the year of continued success, accomplishments, and brilliance.
You’ll be the year where I’ll become a better, stronger, more passionate, affectionate, better connected, AND a powerful person.
You’ll be the year where I speak my heart, feelings, and thoughts out no matter what.
You won’t have a place for those who question, disrespect, or invalidate my existence.
You won’t have a place for second thoughts, hesitation, or regrets.
You’ll only have a place for those who’re proud of me. Because I AM proud of me.

2017, You’ll be the year of the bloom.

World, Mark my words.

Nour Shaker


One thought on “2017, The year of the bloom.

  1. Ha ha Nour, I read the first line and thought “I’m sure she posted a month or two ago” and went back to check – what an idiot I am!

    Happy New Year my dear! 2016 wasn’t all bad, at least we got to meet each other 👍🏻👭

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