2019 – Year of the Pursuit – Part 2

I was going to name it differently, but then last min when I was writing the title, I remembered that the pursuits in our lives don’t just end, they just go on and on and on, until the day we die.

So what am I pursuing this year ?

As I start to remember 2018, it was a good year, with so many things that happened, great things, good things, and also not so good things.

I had a breakup, a couple of attempts at relationships before I just kind of gave up, learned a lot of lessons, went on a road trip on my own, a new job, talks at conferences, a new house on my own (I wanted a me time in 2018!!! And I got loads of it)

I made such amazing memories in 2018, great achievements, and I’m grateful for all the ups and downs of 2018. But I did it all alone, which isn’t bad nor sad.

I’ve been reading about the stages of life, the first stage where we try to figure out who we are, what’s our purpose in life, and kind of place for ourselves where can call home, and by home I don’t mean place of dwelling, the word home for me is much more profound than just a place to sleep in at night.

The second stage is all about how can I give away my life more in a meaningful way, time is bound to pass by, and it’s not coming back, and the accident I had in 2018 made me pause and think, if I died that day, what legacy would I have left behind ? what kind of value did my life and actions added to the world ? what’s my contribution in life ? did I live by the values of my name (Nour means light in case you don’t know)?

So I want to be able to spend my prime years doing something meaningful, something that contributes positively to the lives of others, even something as simple as praying for them, helping them find their way, or just being there a good friend who’s able to listen, truly listen.

The third stage which we’ll have to go through, death. I’m still trying to wrap my head around stage two, hence I don’t have much to say about this third stage, but it’s there, it’s the great unknown, no one ever died and came back to tell the story !!!

The theme throughout the past few years revolved around finding home, and I think I’m here.

The next few years I believe will start revolving around how to live a more meaningful life.

And I bet the first step to living a meaningful life is to have more profound connections with people. Instead of the many ‘Me’s that I achieved in 2018, I was start saying ‘We’.

Not necessarily a romantic partner (though it would be lush), but a companion throughout life, maybe a group of like-minded people where can keep thinking together, doing things together that makes life better.

In 2018, I stated considering getting a mortgage, but with Brexit looming on the horizon, there’s a lot of uncertainty, which means I’ll have to put my plans for both MBA and mortgage for wee bit later, maybe mid 2019 for a mortgage ?

In 2018, I learned a lot about me, I had a lot of me time, which was exactly what I needed.

In 2018, I learned to enjoy the company of a good book, and it’s fascinating !! And this is something I’d like to capitalize on in 2019.

In 2019, I will be able to live by the meaning of my name, I will be able to start involving more in community services, I will be able to build these profound strong connections with like-minded people, and strengthen them. I don’t know yet how to do so, but by the end of 2019, I’m sure I’ll be able to say (We did) way more often than (I did) 🙂

World, Mark my words 🙂



Your inputs are much appreciated, so please let me know what do you think ..

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